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Around the age seventeen, Paige’s adoptive mothers, Mr

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Around the age seventeen, Paige's adoptive mothers, Mr

and you may Mrs. Matthews, was indeed slain in the a bad car wreck. From what she you certainly will remember, it don't understand the car one swerved to their way. Paige survives, out of the blue getting up to the sidewalk viewing the car totaled and you may burning. It would be revealed to help you Paige immediately following she turned into an effective witch you to definitely she had subconsciously orbed out of the car. Adopting the death of this lady parents, Paige changed the woman feelings dramatically; she avoided puffing and you will consuming, and have now come to research much harder. She was acknowledged in order to UC Berkeley for good levels and you can good well-authored essay for the loss of her moms and dads. She afterwards finished that have a qualification inside the public performs.

Fulfilling Piper and Phoebe

1 year before death of Prue Halliwell, Paige started to go to P3 as she noticed a connection into Halliwells. Upcoming Paige satisfied Phoebe on funeral service of Prue where Phoebe got a vision regarding Shax destroying Paige. Phoebe along with her sweetheart Cole Turner decided to go to review Paige, looking to save yourself the woman out-of Shax. When he assaulted, Phoebe and you will Cole noticed Paige orbing. Once they rescued the lady they informed Piper who summoned the grams and mom immediately. It told me Paige try their half of-sibling. Paige upcoming turned up and you can exposed to this lady 1 / 2 of-sisters at the their property. Up on shaking hand having Piper (which have Phoebe clutching to Paige's sleeve), the newest chandelier above her or him started initially to sparkle and you may excel a blue light identical to it did in advance of whenever Phoebe reawakened the new vitality of by herself and her sisters.

Shortly after one moment, Shax appeared bursting from inside the from top doorways and you can banged brand new sisters aside. Piper and you will Phoebe grabbed Paige and you will went upstairs whenever you are Leo sidetracked Shax.

Throughout the attic, Piper and Phoebe ordered Paige so you can shed this new vanquishing enchantment that have her or him which means that found she is actually an effective witch. Paige performed exactly what the woman siblings told her to do and watched in order to the lady amazement how the monster in front of her eyes blew up.

Brand new Windows regarding Opportunity

Due to the fact Shax wasn't winning within the eliminating Paige, the cause of all the Worst chose to use the Windows out-of Possibility to change Paige up against her sisters while making the woman their slave.

To do this the source possessed Paige's date Shane and you may utilized their vitality so you can entice Paige to help you evil. He posed because a dad whom abused his child [4] and you will pretty sure the woman out of killing your by orbing their heart aside away from his human anatomy. Paige seeks however, isn't able to-do because of the lady siblings, Leo, and you may Cole.

Immediately following a tiny competition where Paige located new Source's real characteristics, she in the end touches the good top only eventually to help rescue Cole who was simply fatally stabbed by Source.

Getting into Halliwell Manor

Paige are hesitant initially when she is actually asked to maneuver toward manor. She believed that she would have no privacy just after Piper and you will Phoebe had bust on the the woman flat. A very crucial reason are that she believed that Piper and you may Phoebe just desired the girl to maneuver in to endeavor the demons and warlocks as well as additional enemies the brand new sisters encountered. [5] She advised which to help you Leo when he, towards the Piper's buy, needed to encourage Paige to move within the.

Immediately after Piper and you will Phoebe made Paige feel like she is actually good area of the relatives, she gone into the Prue's rooms. Paige initial did not move or take out most of Prue's articles, concerning value this lady, however, since go out went on, she generated the space her very own. She got moved in all the girl paint-posts making they their atelier for a time. She grabbed away all of the this lady sketches and you will content after all the demon-attacking made the woman struggling to paint within her spare time.

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