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Despite this, not, she is created to get jealous off Honoka on her high assets

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Despite this, not, she is created to get jealous off Honoka on her high assets

Marie Rose and also the littlest break out of the many ladies characters regarding the collection, an immediate examine in order to the woman friend and competition Honoka whom and also the most significant tits, that was perhaps the subject away from good pun inside their Japanese tag cluster intro. Inside the Inactive otherwise Alive six, while she enjoys a lot of the girl signature gowns along with the newest recolors, she is served by new ones that include a lovely sweater top from inside the pink, light, and black colored, and you may she likewise has a beneficial lolita concept gown who's got an effective frilled top and you may pants which have heeled lolita sneakers and you can a matching tiny Lolita cap which have a small ascot wrap. She in addition to get a lot more hairstyles such as the girl ponytail on the Venus Trips games, and also twice buns in the Fan Design costume event having purple directed locks links exactly like the girl typical of them.

Personality [ ]

As a consequence of Dead or Alive 6's facts, Marie Flower is actually proven to be one another dedicated and you will faithful, found in just how she behaves with the Helena exactly who she's a slave so you're able to, and you can Honoka who she befriends throughout the big date together. She's also compassionate and you will protective while the she attempted to stop Hayate regarding seeing Helena despite him getting expected because of the Helena himself, and you can she was also brief to attempt to struggle Bayman when she is actually separated from Honoka in the Meters.We.S.T. Labs, proving one she isn't really frightened to look at risk of one proportions if this form protecting those individuals she actually is connected otherwise faithful so you can.

Likewise, Marie Flower can be operate most childish and you can doesn't seem to just take shedding carefully; she is apparently crying on the ground such a small girl whenever she will lose a complement, however if saw for a lengthy period, she raises their deal with regarding their hands just before resuming the lady visible fake crying. Ironically, despite the lady tend to pretending childish, Xtreme Venus Travel reveals that she hates becoming as compared to a good man or handled for example you to. She likewise has little challenge with wearing specific discussing attire, even though she does have this lady restrictions, because throughout the a wages Woman photos op, actually she is actually ashamed at the having to reveal a great amount off herself in order to Helena when she next to Kasumi was required to do a highly suggestive "prayer perspective" near the jesus sculpture, and you can she and objected in order to this lady Davi outfit's way more discussing approach form. She as well as sometimes does rating sidetracked by the other items more financial obligation, while the confirmed by the how she had by herself and Kasumi later to own an ending up in the dog owner from the choosing to get a tan.

Except that so it, Marie Rose in addition to will speak in an exceedingly formal styles, courtesy the woman history among Helena's servants, no matter if it is suggested she's issues to avoid pretending officially in order to someone else within the points maybe not requiring it, such whenever on vacation.

Marie Flower purports to not proper care way too much in the their use up all your away from bodily development in evaluation to the other females regarding the show. She also admits that she in certain cases wishes she had a great more mature body, even though only in the same way you to she not mistaken for a young child from the someone. Likewise, regarding Japanese items away from Xtreme step three, Xtreme Venus Vacation and you will Dry otherwise Alive 5 Last Round, she's a tendency to consider herself about third person, that's notably downplayed throughout the English sizes normas de citas sud.

Etymology and you will Layout [ ]

Marie is actually French inside the resource, and that is new french version of "Mary", whose definition and you can origin was undecided. Rose is the label of a flower that comes from inside the an excellent form of tone, for every single color with a special definition.

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