August 18, 2021

Green Living for Seniors


Due to years and years’ worth of abuse inflicted to our own world, it’s bound to make us pay one way or another. For now, the littlest warnings we have been experiencing from Mother Nature are enough to make us rethink of the way how we are living our lives and how large, as an individual, our impact to the world in general. It seems that with every invented technology comes a sacrifice the world has to take. Saving the world requires collective effort from every human living in it. No matter how hard a single person fight for a better world, nothing will ever come out of it but disappointment. Together, we are expected to make a difference.

Fortunately for seniors, we are conscious enough of our own carbon footprints and sustainable living is a way of life for many of us so it really doesn’t matter if we cut back or make a change. Still, as an obliging citizens of this world, most seniors are ready to give everything they can just so the next generation will have something to look forward to.

Simple everyday actions can still be improved ecofriendly-wise, such as reducing our waste as much as we can. This includes making use of those we are already giving up to the waste basket especially plastic containers and leftovers. Almost all of our waste are reusable or at least can be used for other purposes, only it is left to our own imagination as to how. If there’s nothing we can do anymore, at least practice waste segregation. Waste segregation is part of the recycle program that most cities are supporting. People from this program would know what to do with your discarded waste better than to have it end up in oceans and seas. Also there are companies accepting recyclable materials in exchange for cash refunds for those who prefer to earn something from their wastes.

Also, it’s a known fact that seniors take up millions of prescribed medications every year the world over. In fact, it was said that almost 50% of drug purchases belong to seniors whether it’s OTC or prescribed drugs. These drugs can cause disastrous results if it somehow end up in bodies of water so if you happen to have a couple of unused medications, please dispose of it properly or better yet, bring it to proper authorities who are better equipped in handling these things.

Cars are the number one contributing factor in worsening air pollution problem secondary to CFCs. Although most senior citizens prefer public transportation than driving their own cars to and fro their destinations, it is also recommended to try walking especially if the distance is short enough to manage. This proves to be very beneficial to seniors not only for lesser gas consumption but for its health benefits as well.

Bottom line is, when we are trying to live up to sustainable living, we must recognize all luxuries as a gift, not a necessity. These are the things that need to last even way beyond our lifetimes therefore it should never go to waste. This is also the best awareness we can pass on to our grand kids.

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