June 8, 2023

Leo upcoming told me you to Sugar are at the new central tower

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Leo upcoming told me you to Sugar are at the new central tower

Trebol after that caught Leo along with his fellow dwarves with his gooey substance

Immediately after Thunder Soldier and some dwarves split from them, Leo said which they decided to go to the latest regal castle to help you assault Doflamingo as soon as Glucose was beaten. When Usopp try spotted of the two of Doflamingo's men, brand new dwarves stripped him or her. As they have been mislead, Leo and you can Rampo knocked him or her aside. After Usopp and you may Robin placed on disguises, the fresh new rebels continued on to the main tower. [23]

After they reach the newest government tower, Leo explained to Usopp towards relationship within tower and you can the new garbage place. Then they infiltrated the fresh tower and you can went to the room where Sugar and Trebol have been located. Leo formulated a solution to take-down Glucose. The guy got out a great take off out-of Tatababasco, which is known as the hottest spruce in the world and you College dating site may the dwarves managed to get molded such a great grape. Leo wished to put the liven on the Sugar's container out-of grapes on expectations you to Sugar create eat it. As he went forward to do their package, the guy ing, this new process might be an endurance. [32]

Once seeing Trebol shoot a travel that have high precision, Robin prevented Leo of entering the room, knowing that Trebol can room him. [33] When Bian triggered a commotion throughout the trade vent with a keen military regarding wasps, Robin lured Trebol outside of the space. Immediately following Trebol is actually from the tower, the latest dwarves charged from inside the and rushed in the Sugar. The newest assault hit a brick wall as the Glucose turned a number of the dwarves with the their doll servants and you can ordered them to destroy every invaders from the tower. That have disregarded the brand new dwarves that have been merely turned, Leo's category engaged in battle with the former comrades. [34]

They were disturbed whenever a boat tossed because of the Trebol damaged toward the new tower. Immediately following deceiving Leo to the discussing which have just who these were allied, Trebol ignited the fresh gooey compound, resulting in they in order to explode. Shortly after picking right on up Leo, Usopp urged which they is retreat. Yet not, Leo try determined to your completing the latest procedure very Thunder Soldier you'll struggle Doflamingo. When Usopp expected him as to why the fresh new dwarves put such believe regarding the model soldier, Leo revealed that Thunder Soldier is the simply doll who will rebel up against Doflamingo and this he is the one and only Kyros. [21] With the dwarves disabled, Leo set their faith inside Usopp. [35]

To display their trust, Leo with his dropped comrades begin chanting "Usoland." When Trebol requested just what he had been chanting, Leo stated one to Usoland will save not simply the dwarves, however, every enslaved playthings too. Trebol only chuckled at the its faith, saying that they certainly were lied to and their saving grace wasn't coming and probably someplace laughing on their misery. Then he advised new dwarves one to the faith inside the him was misplaced. Leo intensely ignored Trebol's opinions, saying that Usoland will unquestionably save yourself her or him. Just before Leo can say anymore, Trebol stomped the dwarf together with his feet. Whenever Usopp arrived to save them, he admitted which he was not exactly what he advertised as which he could be really a sleeping pirate. Regardless if saddened by the insights, the fresh new dwarves cheered to own Usopp as he released a strike up against Trebol. [13]

Leo was then amazed to in which Usopp try

The new dwarves was in fact concerned whenever Usopp is actually overloaded because of the Trebol. Whenever Sugar pushed the brand new spruce to the Usopp's throat, Leo is astonished observe you to Usopp's phrase frightened Glucose therefore much you to she destroyed understanding. [36] Into number 1 goal out-of Procedure SOP accomplished, the fresh dwarves wept more Usopp's achievements and proclaimed that they can create a sculpture off Usopp. [37] The latest dwarves after that sent Usopp from an aggravated Trebol if you find yourself Robin kept him straight back. These people were then surprised when Hajrudin found Usopp. When the previous submissives proclaimed their allegiance to their savior, Usopp ordered his newfound followers in order to destroy the new Laugh warehouse and the dwarves shout out loud Usopp's label. [38]

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